Topographical Folds | San Luis, Argentina | Sandra J. Aguilar


On the Route of Art in the Landscape, located on Provincial Highway access to the town of Estancia Grande [ RPN 9 ] , are not designed and executed landscape work with territorial Folds Topographic and geomorphological accent.

The intention was to generate a small space on the scenic route next to the establishment of Club Estancia Grande Polo , in order to single out the arrival in the area. The design was based on the concept of horizontal intervention , and was inspired by the topography , suggestive , undulating lines of the geography of the motorway , forming pleats accenting the ground level with the landscape , adapting to the territory , revealing visual to the Sierras and the plain.

A space with a capacity to accommodate leisure activities , walking and contemplation of viewpoints was generated.

Topographic Folds are placed on the median strip , occupying an area of ​​800 m2 , with a long of 18 ml and a variable width of 3.00 m for each fold .

It is appropriate to highlight the experience of implementation: the feedback between the project management and construction personnel , that progress is explored and discovered the unique textures and frames. Materialized through the use and application of concrete flagstone , natural resource area. Among the congenial rock frames the green lawn adding value and diversity to the small landscape intervention .
The management of territorial scale , the ability to capture opportunities in implementation and maximization of available resources was the distinguishing factor of TopographicFolds .

Topographical Folds | San Luis, Argentina | Sandra J. Aguilar
Date of implementation : 2010
Location : Ruta Provincial N ° 9. Location of Estancia Grande. San Luis. Argentina
Designer Artwork : SANDRA J. AGUILAR | Architect . Specialist Planning and Landscape Design .

Collaboration: PATRICIA PERKMAN | Architect .
Client: Municipality of Estancia Grande
Implementation : Municipality of Estancia Grande Management

Images and text credits : Sandra J. Aguilar


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