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The Line Condominium, a 42 story high residential building is situated in the Jatutak Area, 300 metres from Mochit BTS skytrain station. The concept of the landscaping design mainly derives from the history of the State Railway of Thailand which has its railway hub in Jatujak. The Line Condominium represents the idea of ‘travelling’ to different natural destinations.




The Sales Gallery for The Line Condominium continues the main concept of the condominium project, the main railway hub of Bangkok and a place of transit interchanges.


It uses the intertwining pattern of the railway lines in the landscaping design. This pattern is translated into a lath façade wrapping around the sales gallery building and continuing along with the landscape. The main purpose of this lath façade is to create a different feeling to the renovated sales gallery building so that its users or commuters passing by the site sense its uniqueness. Moroever, the play in the variation in the angle of each of the  façade fins can be seen as the translation of the branches of the trees which grows naturally in different directions, providing movement and liveliness to the site.


A feature of the existing site is a large Banyan Tree standing in front, greeting visitors and pedestrians as they walk pass. Our intention is to preserve the tree and emphasize its importance and value along with the site. This is done by partitioning a 5 metre radius area around the tree so that all access to the tree is restricted. The landscaping design reflects this where all hardscape elements such as pavement and gravel are offset beyond the radius area leaving only softscape elements so that water and air will be able to penetrate easily into the tree’s roots. Furthermore, existing ground level is retained around the tree and backfilling is strictly prohibited.





The Line Condominium Sales Gallery | Bangkok, Thailand
Completion Year | 2015

Landscape Architect | Shma Company Limited

Project Team |
Design Director – Yossapon Boonsom
Landscape Architect – Nitipon Kaeosuwan, Yossit Poonprasit
Horticulturist – Wimonporn Chaiyathet

Client & Developer | Sansiri PCL & Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS)
Architect | Plan Associates
M&E | W. and Associates Consultants Co.,Ltd

C&S Engineering | Infra Structure Co., Ltd

Photograph Credit | Pirak Anurakyawachon

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