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All over the world, cities and major universities are collaborating to create new economies and regenerate society. Tecnológico de Monterrey is positioned to become a leader in stimulating national urban and economic regeneration—and prove the power of Latin American universities as engines of innovation and entrepreneurship. Tecnologico de Monterrey has set an objective to become one of the top 100 global universities, and the best university in Latin America. In response to this vision, Sasaki’s urban regeneration plan for Tecnológico de Monterrey establishes a framework for the long-term evolution of the campus and adjoining neighborhoods. The plan creates an environment in the university context that will attract significant research and development investment, while transforming the community into a lively, attractive, dynamic, and integrated district.


The master plan supports the strategic goals of the university through the development of research and graduate programs, the recruitment of top national and international faculty and students, targeted investment in innovative learning environments, and physical reorganization to achieve greater interdisciplinary collaboration. This is coupled with the development of new partnerships with business and industry entrepreneurs that generate the potential for higher levels of research and product innovation. With close proximity to the academic core, new mixed-use research districts are created to encourage a healthy relationship between the academic community, knowledge industries, and the larger Monterrey community.




The Monterrey campus—already an attractive and vibrant community—is designed to provide a modern, beautiful environment that supports collaborative and interdisciplinary learning and problem-solving, with academic, cultural, social, residential, and athletic facilities. The whole campus becomes a classroom, where the many forms of learning come together to create a unique and holistic experience.



Guided by the conviction that a great university requires a vibrant and successful surrounding community, the master plan outlines strategic improvements within adjoining neighborhoods that have an immediate impact on the community. Through an ongoing community outreach process, the master plan proposes improvements to the neighborhoods such as improved parks, better security, and improved streets and public realm to support walking and biking, making the neighborhoods more sustainable and desirable areas for living and working.





With the objective of advancing the regeneration of the campus and adjoining neighborhoods, Sasaki is undertaking detailed architectural and landscape studies for key areas within the master plan:

• The existing library will be transformed into a bold and dynamic 21st-century learning environment. It will be a crossroads for the campus encouraging transparency, engagement and collaboration.

• At the heart of the new student and faculty commons district, the new TecXXI Exchange Pavilion will serve as a focal point and meeting place for assemblies, social events, and the exchange of ideas.

• The existing Borregos stadium will be redeveloped as a 15,000-spectator facility on a new site that will enhance integration with the adjoining neighborhood, and become Mexico’s premier collegiate football stadium.

• A state-of-the-art 11,000-square-meter recreation center will integrate a gymnasium and an Olympic-sized pool with expanded exercise and recreation facilities. Together with new playing fields it will define a green connection from the campus to the new stadium.

• With input from the community, the existing Parque Tecnológico is reimagined as a vital center of urban life in the Tecnológico neighborhood, and an engine of change and reinvestment in the nearby neighborhoods.

The resulting master plan is an inspiring and achievable vision that positions Tecnológico de Monterrey to become the best university in Latin America, and a catalyst for regeneration and renewed investment in the neighboring districts and the greater City of Monterrey.




Tecnologico de Monterrey Urban Regeneration Plan | Monterrey Mexico | Sasaki

Design Firm: Sasaki Associates
Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design,  Strategies

Project location:           Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Client name:                 Tecnologico de Monterrey
Completion date:          In progress
Size:                            500 hectares


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