Taoyuan Forest International Resort | Suzhou, China

Wujiang has the reputation of the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The concept for Taoyuan Forest International Resort is based on Wujiang site and local features, the design team formed a complete set series of hotel core areas, rice paddies restaurant, water bank coffee, parent-child paradise, forest theater, sports park, lotus pond road, vegetable garden, forest camp, lakes and other landscape highlights, to build an international tourism resort with unique forest vacation experience.

To create a full-season scenery, we supplement and integrate the forest of four seasons. More than ten new varieties of flowers, color leaves and fruit come from thousands of miles of mountains and fields, only to bring endless changes to the four seasons here to create new landscapes different from surrounding farms.

Village of woodland, dotted with nursery, camphor, beech trees, metasequoia, these trees grow for decades, is the memory of the land, and we pray for and may not be the characteristic resources, we as far as possible to protect native situation, excavate the advantages of old-growth forest, make them become the landscape highlights of the site, and let more people see the original and plain beauty of the site again.

The existing ponds, canals and paddy fields on the site were rearranged to retain the irrigation function and design them as a unique landscape of the farmland. The largest water system design is in the core of the resort, to create more than 2500 square meters of forest terrace waterscape, cloud forest in the atrium, a quiet water forest covering more than 50 trees, green in summer, red leaves all over the sky in autumn, the four seasons in the atrium and the sun across the sky every day, never stop changing. There is a 20m high native poplar tree in the site for ecological protection. Flowers in spring, summer heat, leaves in autumn and snow in winter, it will become a new window of water town forest and a new name card of Wujiang Cultural tour.

Taoyuan Forest International Resort | Suzhou, China | ANTAO

Landscape Architect: ANTAO

Collaborators (Architect): Bengo Studio

Collaborators (Landscape Construction): Suzhou Jinlan Landscaping Co., Ltd.

Client: Suzhou Wujiang Ronghong Cultural Tourism Industry Development Co., Ltd.


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