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Sustainable Education Pavilion-FRLA

FRLA‘s design for a Sustainable Education Pavilion was a winner of the BD/Dyson Airblade Washroom of the Future competition. Dyson teamed up with BD Magazine to run this competition. As a way of finding radically different and creative designs for washroom facilities that were also practical, environmental and featured a Dyson Airblade.

Sustainable Education Pavilion-FRLA

Intended for an environmental visitor centre run by an educational charity, the Sustainable Education Pavilion provides an outdoor facility where activities, such as pond-dipping, can be conducted. Located on the bank of a lake, the pavilion offers shelter, a WC as well as facilities for washing hands and equipment.

In keeping with the environmental messages being taught at the visitor centre, the roof of the pavilion harvests and stores rainwater, which is piped to the sinks and toilet (supplemented by mains water during dry periods). Wastewater from the sinks passes through three reedbeds integrated within the structure. These beds treat the water, cleaning it sufficiently for it to be returned directly into the lake. Wastewater from the toilet is piped to a larger wetland treatment system, which is away from the pavilion; here it is naturally treated in a similar fashion.

Sustainable Education Pavilion-FRLA
Movement of water through pavilion
Sustainable Education Pavilion-FRLA
Schematic of water movement through pavilion

The roof of the structure is constructed of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), which incorporates recycled glass, supported by a steel frame. A permeable fabric mesh covering allows rainwater to pass through while keeping out leaves and other debris. Reclaimed hardwood timber is used for the decking, cladding of the WC and the screen behind the sinks. The sink and reedbed structure is constructed using Hempcrete™ and lime render. Hempcrete™ is a concrete-like substance that contains plant material. It is carbon negative so results in the nett storage of carbon-dioxide.

Sustainable Education Pavilion

Design Company: FRLA Ltd
Designer: James Furse-Roberts
CGI: Emperor Vision
Project Year: 2010
Competition Name: BD/Dyson Airblade Washroom of the Future Design Competition
Organisers: BD & Dyson Airblade
Placing: Winner

Image Credits:

CGI Renders: Emperor Vision

Illustrations/Diagrams: FRLA Ltd

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