STUDENT PROJECT | Waldlicht | Bamberg Germany | Markus Weinig

More than 12000 phosphorescent cable ties form three artificial structures at a forest in Bamberg, Bavaria. The project is part of the regional garden show Landesgartenschau and resulted from a design competition in 2011 and realised in 2012.

By contrasting the natural environment means material and colour, and at the same time mimicking vegetative structure and density, waldlicht forms an unidentifiable object. Wind and sunlight create an appealing and fascinating play within the white texture whilst at dusk and nighttime the phosphorescent glow creates an eerie atmosphere.

By this means the installation plays with stories and myths connected with the european forest. It sensitizes for the places authentic qualities, and strengthens its main spatial impression of a tree hall like space. The forest gets enchanted with fantasies and further levels of narration evoked by the installations appearance. Perception and Experience of the place are changed and intensified.


commisioned by Landesgartenschau Bamberg 2012 GmbH
realized installation, exhibited at Bamberg April 2012 – October 2012

concept and design installation | Markus Weinig

supervision and exhibition concept | Technical University Munich, Lehrstuhl für Landschaftsarchitektur und öffentlichen Raum (Prof. Regine Keller), Felix Lüdicke

student team build-up |Theresa Bartl, Alexandra Bauer, Teresa Dachauer, Maike Eggeling, Marliese Höfer, Sabine Kern, Sara Schnelle, Elisabeth Jane Walker, Sonja Weber, Markus Weinig

Images Courtesy of  Markus Weinig



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