STUDENT PROJECT | Urban pockets of Belgrade | Belgrade Serbia

“Urban pockets of Belgrade” is a student project, designed to deal with abandoned urban spaces, for their activation and improvement to places for relaxation, socialization, play, public art, on sustainable basis. Project includes local community, which is directly affected by negative influence of urban development. At the same time, goal was also to present all richness of landscape architecture as a profession.

Project “Urban pockets of Belgrade” started in 2008, and was, in a way, a reaction to a visit of government Minister for science and technological development to Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade, and reaction to a Ministers presentation of National sustainable development strategy. In the lecture about sustainable development, landscape architecture was not even mentioned as one of relevant professions in the field.

In Serbia landscape architecture is still seen more as a luxury than as necessity in contemporary way of living. Encouraged, seven students of landscape architecture have written a project “Urban pockets of Belgrade” in effort to present the profession and to present potentials that landscape architecture has in field of sustainable development and environment protection. Awareness that the status of profession in Serbian society and attitude towards it could only be changed by active public participation produced inclusion of this segment in project goals.

Project was successfully presented to Ministers associates and to local government representatives. Main projects were done and realized during 2009-2012. for four locations. Possibilities for development of specific aspects of project and for cooperation with different NGOs, government institutions and individuals were made and realized during 2011-2012.

STUDENT PROJECT | Urban pockets of Belgrade | Belgrade Serbia


Jovana Kovačević

Vesna Gvozdenov

Daliborka Stojaković

Lena Madžarević

Mirjana Jovanović

Jelena Radojković

Nada Jadžić



Darinka Radojević

Zorana Smiljanić Milojević


Consultants – assistant professors at the the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade

MSc Andreja Tutundžić

MSc Nevena Vasiljević

MSc Dragan Vujčić



Vesna Gvozdenov


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