STUDENT PROJECT | The Chime Pavilion | Manchester School Of Architecture Year 2 Students

The students at Manchester School Of Architecture were given the challenge to design and build a pavilion for the gardens of Dunham Massey, a National Trust house in Cheshire. The Trust wanted a design that related to the history and surroundings of the house and garden, while remaining an attractive and exciting pavilion for visitors.

In our year group 20 designs were proposed to the Trust of which Chime was one of the few winning designs.
A bold and inspiring design, the Chime pavilion mimics the iconic form a bell which represents the story of the servants within the house, who would receive orders though the sound of the bells.

Chime brings together the magic of Dunham Massey, integrating the past and present in a design that allows exploration and engagement with the park. Families can have fun ringing the bells within the structure and playing the melodies inscribed on to panels inside. It showcases a key feature of the house in the garden, bringing the two to life.

The site in which our pavilion sits is in close proximity to the servants kitchens, as well as offering splendid views of the moat and the grounds. Near Altrincham in Cheshire, Dunham Massey remains a very popular National Trust destination, and our pavilion is aiming to attract and inspire many more.

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