Student Project | Sound throughout a park | Kamila Salarini

The sounds of each place are unique, and their perception depends exclusively on individual experiences.

Imagine walking in a park, what sounds can you hear?

Kids playing? Winds? Dry leaves? Water?

Now try to imagine these sounds as lines, entwined., and expanding.

What can you see? Shapes, textures, maybe a landscape?

Based on this, the project idea came through the attempt to associate architecture, landscape and music, using sound as a guide element on this process. Capture the possible sounds that people could hear in each space, and turn them into lines, that overlaps each other, originating tangled paths.

In other words, the landscape provides the raw material for music, which as a product influenced by this, returns to the landscape itself as an element that constitutes it.

Alternated Lines according to the intensity of each sound, more bass or treble, creating a tangle of interleaved lines, like John Cage works.

Cage is a composer who approaches different fields of knowledge: poetry, philosophy and visual arts in his works. His compositional proposals and strategies not only broke with musical conventions but also crossed the music boundaries, taking his idea of “experimental composition” to other artistic expressions. 

Cross through vast universes and full of issues, as music and architecture is a constantly changing challenge and presupposes contact with different works in both disciplines, as well a multiplicity of paths to be taken regarding projective decisions.

The creation and insert process to a place with a complex concept, in a consolidated urban space, respecting local characteristics, conferring identity, and bringing quality to the population life’s, especially the
surrounding neighbourhoods, it isn’t a simple job. Especially if this place transits between different artistic boundaries.

When barriers are diluted, domains can then come together to produce different spaces, new forms, unexpected places. And it is at this moment that architecture begins to establish an effective dialogue not only with which it’s familiar, but with the others, such as music.

In this sense, this work not only breaks with traditional conventions but also goes beyond the boundaries of the architecture field, proposing a change in roles between architect/landscape designer and visitor.

Where the first gives up some choices, in order to lose a little control of the result, while the second has the role of choosing the paths to be followed, as the “agent” of the work.

The visitor becomes not only a spectator but takes over the role of navigator in each new experience in the place. Through stimulation and sensory experimentation of sounds, materials and spaces.

Thus, this essay still constitutes an adventure in the midst of an unstable field, a search for threads that intertwine between the different arts in question. A path to follow among many, in a field of multiple discourses, where many are the possibilities.

Sound throughout a park

Student: Kamila Salarini, Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil

Thesis Advisor: Kleber Perini Frizzera

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