STUDENT PROJECT | arROPAme (Wrap me up) | Lidia Carrillo, Marta Criado, Yolanda Serrano


The main goal faced with this project was the creation of a temporal architectural space integrated in the artificial landscape of the University Campus with just one recycled material and a budget of 100 euros for the whole group.

Our material was second-hand clothes.





We create three pergolas in the campus of the University, playing with the shadows like a triangular checkerboard, and the colour in the t-shirts as degradation. We wanted to create a space the students could enjoy during the extremely hot lunch times of our city. We were integrated in the environment. The sun and the wind make the rest.



In order to collect the clothes, we create some posters and place them around the University, and the people donate so many clothes we didn’t know where to store them. One of our first priorities was to donate all the clothes later for an ONG, so we couldn’t sew or destroy the clothes.

We came up with a simple solution using flanges and ropes. One of our members has a big knowledge on sailing knots, so we used it as an advantage.

We mounted the installation in two days and it lasted one week.


Our budget was limited, around 15 euros for the connection of the clothes.

STUDENT PROJECT | arROPAme (Wrap me up) | Lidia Carrillo, Marta Criado, Yolanda Serrano

Valencia, Polytechnical University Campus. Spain.

Team Members |

Lidia Carrillo,  Marta Criado, Yolanda Serrano

Video Editors |
Rolando Diaz and Lidia Carrillo


Manuel Lillo,  Alberto Burgos


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