Square du Nid | MONTCEL, France

Le Square du Nid is located in a rural community in Savoie, situated in the French Alps. The challenge of this project was to recreate a convivial space in the heart of this small community. A place for exchange and sharing, a multi-generational space.

Turning Constraints Into Strengths

Creating an engaging environment within this unconventional location presents an exciting chance to unleash our creativity and encourage visitors to actively participate and enjoy the space.

We established an effective, organizing axis to enhance the functionality of the space. Games are strategically placed along the slope, forming connections between the lower and upper sections of the site.

The use of rustic, durable, and solid materials, such as untreated wood, preserves the rural identity of the site. This harmony in our choice of materials has enabled us to maintain overall coherence through various play equipment and furniture elements. As a result, the Square du Nid has found its natural place close to the village’s historic center and in the large wooded landscape of this Bauges village.

The Reuse and Transformation of Existing Elements

Square du Nid is an opportunity to enhance the existing tree heritage and encourage frugality in landscape design. For example, this out-of-use asphalt tennis court has been transformed into a bicycle training circuit. In this way, the disused areas have become educational spaces where youngsters come to learn how to control their bikes.

Square du Nid

Location: Montcel, Savoie, France

Client : Municipality of Montcel

Landscape architect : ATELIER LJN
Image Credit : Atelier LJN, Christophe LECARDONEL

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