SOHO BUND | Shanghai China | Integrated Planning and Design (IPD)

SOHO BUND is located in a central location between the historic and new bund. The Architecture has a very strong linear form with an East-West alignment creating tight internal courtyards and triangular exterior landscape spaces providing a challenging circulation system. The Mall and office circulation are delineated circulation paths became the dominant driver of landscape design. The stepped architectural footprint conceals the retail entries making the wayfinding in the landscape an important element of the design.

Landscape design comprised 3 strategies

Linear Paving to anchor the buildings, create an EW flow. Juxtaposition of paving and the waterline creates a dynamic landscape
The Pattern creates a “reflection” of the building in the landscape while the water feature/planting soften the strong form.

Elevated planters with minimal edges defined and sculpted from the paving. Linear upright metasequoia trees to compliment and mitigate the vertical space.

Linear water feature to act as wayfinding, activate the space with motion and define the main entries. The water feature is a channel that winds through the development to stimulate your curiosity to discover what is around the corner.


Location | Shanghai, China (P.R.C.)
Design firm | Integrated Planning and Design Ltd. (IPD)
Consultants | GMP
Credits for Image | Christian Gahl ; IPD

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