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Gardening in Front of Jishan——Dajia Zhanjing · Shaoxing Manyuan

Shaoxing Manyuan is located in the southeast of downtown Shaoxing, and adjacent to the famous Kuaiji Mountain to the south. Kuaiji Mountain was once a highland of Chinese culture in history. Due to the sight control factors of the scenic area, this area has strict building height restrictions. The surrounding built-up areas are all shaded in greenery, coexisting with the ancient and peaceful posture of Kuaiji Mountain. The base is adjacent to Huanjiang Road in the east, Shengshan Road in the north, and a meter-wide green belt on the south side of the Shaoxing Second Ring Road. On the east and north roads, there are long-planted camphor trees on both sides with lush posture, giving the base an excellent micro-current environment.

Design Ideas

The whole garden covers an area of 201.4 acres, with a floor area ratio of 1.15. The products are divided into three types: row courtyards, stacked villas and bungalows. From the very early stage of the project, the landscape team has been involved in planning and space optimization, intending to form an integrated effect of architecture and landscape, blending into the natural and cultural atmosphere of Kuaiji Mountain.

Finally, a landscape planning structure of “two gardens, nine borders and twelve workshops” is formed, and the residents are given a sense of belonging and a clear spatial orientation through the proper scale of the neighborhood. Connecting the two entrances and exits on the east side and the north side, it forms an “L”-shaped main public landscape living axis, creating a continuous picture like a long scroll in a linear space, and at the same time using the space to retract to form nine resident nodes, creating and combining A rich environment with tour and communication functions.

Mountains, rivers, forests and springs have been the ideal habitat for the Chinese since ancient times. Gardens are an important carrier for introducing mountains and rivers into daily life. This time, we have established “landscapes into the garden” as the intention of landscape gardening.

Traditional Chinese gardens represent the Eastern style of “ideal residence”. On the one hand, it is a cherished yearning for nature, and on the other hand, it is a love of life. Manyuan is another attempt in the direction of gardening, learning from traditions and building contemporary gardens.


Manyuan draws on traditional gardens and architecture in terms of artistic conception and form, and adopts a completely modern construction language in terms of materials and craftsmanship. The Caesar grey stone wall and dark metal tile roof set the tone of the overall calm atmosphere. The wood grain metal ceiling, metal grille and railing are further used to outline the details of the craft. Heishan stone was selected for the gardening and stacked hills, which is more integrated with the overall atmosphere.

In order to obtain a more integrated effect, the architectural and indoor parts of all structures are designed by us this time.

Dajia·Zhanjing Shaoxing Manyuan

Project Location: Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China

Landscape Design: ZSD

Lead Designer: Yuan Xiaoyu
Landscape Team: Yu Yujun, Wang Licheng, Tou Longfei, Huang Zhichao, Wu Ting, Wang Anyuan, He Jiabin, Jiang Yao, Cheng Yajing, Lin Xiaoye

Project Owner: Shaoxing Yulin Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Photography: Xue Yutao

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