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The site of Shanggang Waterfront City is located in the northeast of Shanghai, with Bao Steel Group in the north and Songbao Area in the south. It is bounded by Raocheng highway in the west and Yangtze River in the east.


Design area includes three parks; riverfront area; commercial zone; residential zone and urban green buffers etc. The design entry uses the modern design technique, shows the Shanghai culture. The planning and design aim to promote diversified development of urban society, economy, environment, culture and arts.

Project team uses a diversity of activities, waterfront and innovative urban terrace new vitality to create the world’s leading urban waterfront lifestyle, to create a world-class waterfront landscape.



The design is based on grading and spatial experience, created functional zoning, introduced by water, brought in design concept-5 waves. According to different grading, from public to privacy, from north to south, the zones are: waterfront leisure harbor, social recreational belt, functional ceremony zone, sports zone, ecological natural zone- 5 zones. Each zone is put into a rich activities’ pro- gram, the formation of the waterfront in the public domain creates citizen and visitors’ water-friendly paradise.



The program introduced a slow traffic circle, a pedestrian network the pavement series walking street and waterfront dimensional walks into the ring by a high degree of recognition of the water. This framework, interwoven corrugated walking network provides different scales across blocks walk link. The rings are connected with each other closely, to provide the appropriate scale and diverse environment for walking, morning run, dog-walking, skateboarding, cycling, and other activities. Circle network the slow system structure combined, provide full reachability and connect functional zones.




TRACT collaborated with local design company-QITE landscape architects in Shanggang Waterfront City design competition.

Wave of Life – Shanggang Waterfront City |  Shanghai China | Tract and QITE

Image &  Text Credit | Tract and QITE

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