September Forest | Sunshine Landscape

Inhertiation of imperial city culture:The project continues the sense of ritual and decorum of Jinling culture. The designer creates a garden which has a sequence of solemn spaces.

The experience of walking into yard step by step: Residents can walk from the living room to the courtyard through an alley. The sense of direction, belonging, and privacy of courtyard space organization becomes stronger with each step up. Each courtyard has a series of spaces which enhances space hierarchy. It evokes people’s long-lost spirit and enriches the experience of eastern culture and creates a kind of introverted spiritual life quality.

Maximize the value of current resources: An important challenge is how to blend the boundary between human and nature. The design retained the existing metasequoia forest, setting up a relationship between the gardens and existing metasequoia forests and designed the courtyards to be surrounded by metasequoia forest. Each layer of courtyard incorporates the metasequoia forest into the landscape in a different way and permeates the design language creating a rich sense of space.

September Forest Residential

Landscape Architect | Beijing Sunshine Landscape CO. LTD
Leader Designer | Hua Yang
Team | Hua Yang、 Jie Liu、Chengzheng Yan、Yalong Liu、Chaoyi Han、Jingjing Tian

Nanjing Gold Pedestal Real Estate(corporation) Co.,ltd.

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