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Spanning 46 acres, Sangha is the product of over five years of interdisciplinary research to create a viable model that its teams hope can inspire similar developments for 21st-century living. It is located on Yangcheng Lake, a UNESCO world heritage site, and is made up of single-family residences, townhouses, apartments, two hotels, a medical clinic, a learning and wellness centre, a children’s education centre, a food hall, conference and events spaces and a public plaza – thus embodying a truly holistic live-work-learn community. Sangha is a unique commercial development that also includes a strong social enterprise agenda featuring learning programs for all ages and a range of Eastern and Western medical and wellness services for its residents and visitors.

Design Idea

An abundant use of local natural materials, repurposed and reclaimed where possible, and the inclusion of specially commissioned craft elements give the landscape a human tactility. The landscape is also oriented not just to maximize views, but natural light and air circulation as well.


– Repurposed Material

In line with the environmental importance of this location, special care will be taken to reuse material both from the existing site, and where available, from the surrounding area.

– Planting Strategy

The project will be enhanced by a planting strategy that is in harmony with the ecology of the lake, screens visual intrusions, creates privacy where needed, and opens up important views. The layers of planting will create seasonal moods that will add to the year-round ambience and improve the special quality of the lakeside.


One of the best and largest of wellness centres in China, it offers an eclectic selection of premium lifelong learning and wellness programs, ranging from spa packages to fully-serviced hotels and lakeside villas, with custom medical evaluation and services, body training, early education and a gourmet restaurant as part of the experience. 

With lifelong learning standing at the centre of the idea, Sangha exults in the serendipity and quietude it enjoys as an ex-urban resort. Here, within a surrealistically beautiful surrounding, people take a retreat from creating more prosperity in China, to enjoy a moment of calm and civility.

Landscape Architect | design land collaborative (DLC)

Project name: Sangha by Octave  

Site area: 180,000sq. metres

Landscape area: 40826 sq. metres 

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