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The former Royal Victoria Hospital and Allan Memorial Institute masterplan development is part of a process aimed at requalifying this unique architectural ensemble, left largely vacant following the move of the hospital.

Since its creation, the Royal Victoria has been an institution and an emblematic place in the Montreal landscape. The rehabilitation of one of the largest hospital complexes in North America, endowed with an exceptional built heritage, located within the declared heritage site of Mount Royal and adjacent to an urban park designed by one of the architects recognized landscape architects, namely Frederick Law Olmsted, represents both a challenge and a unique opportunity in the recent history of Montreal.

The preparation of this masterplan is based on a demanding and rigorous process which required a detailed knowledge of the site of intervention, its history, its evolution, and its intrinsic characteristics, and this, from the roof of the buildings to the nature of the ground, hence the importance of having carried out a detailed urban analysis. From this analysis, conclusions on the potentials, constraints and challenges of the site made it possible to position oneself on the orientations and objectives, as well as on the long-term development vision. The intervention strategy is intended to be both global for the site and detailed for the sectors. It takes shape through the development concept, whose unifying developments guarantee the maintenance of the unity of the Royal Victoria, while rehabilitating as far as possible the distinctive original components of the different sectors and their pavilions. During the site design process, several innovative actions were proposed with the aim of creating a sustainable, inclusive space that meets the current needs of downtown Montreal. Among other things, the masterplan proposes:

  • To develop an approach for the rehabilitation and requalification of a hospital complex of heritage value to accommodate new uses to the site;
  • To develop a parking strategy that promotes a major reduction in the space occupied by cars without harming operations and attractiveness to future occupants.
  • To vegetalize mineralized surfaces to create new meeting places throughout the site and to amplify the presence of the natural environment while creating continuity with Mount Royal.
  • To plan a strategy for the sustainable management of infrastructure, particularly about drainage, rainwater and runoff.

To guarantee the success of the process leading to the creation of the masterplan, it was imperative to set up a concerted process between the various stakeholders, local actors, experts and professionals. The document is the result of more than 90 consultation meetings and the analysis of more than 30 previous studies previously. Throughout the preparation of the masterplan, ongoing consultation and validation exercises have tested, validated, and pushed boundaries to build consensus on the future of Royal Victoria

Royal Victoria Masterplan | Montreal, Canada | Stantec

Location: Montreal, Canada

Landscape architects: Stantec

Client: Société Québécoise des infrastructures

Image credits: Stantec

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