Richard Burck Associates wins Connect Kendall Square Design Competition

The City of Cambridge is pleased to announce the selection of Somerville based Richard Burck Associates as the winner of the Connect Kendall Square Open Space Planning Competition. Richard Burck Associates was chosen by a six member jury after the culmination of a three stage process spanning eight months.

Four teams of finalists (Sitelab, Framework Cultural Placemaking, MVVA, and Richard Burck and Associates) were charged with developing an open space plan framework guided by a vision and planning and design goals identified through a robust public process spearheaded by the City and the Eastern Cambridge and Kendall Square Open Space (ECKOS) Study Committee.


The goals included promoting complementary uniqueness, establishing activations strategies, building an identity, and elevating the user experience.  The teams presented their framework plans to the competition jury and the general public on March 25 – 26, 2015.


The framework plan presented by Richard Burck Associates is structured on better connecting the Charles River to Kendall Square, and then better connecting Kendall Square to its surrounding parks, neighborhoods and MIT. This layered effort encompasses organizing new urban form to feature open space connectedness, connecting a series of sustainable storm water strategies, and developing strong pedestrian connections throughout the project area. This “dendritic” pattern overlaid on Kendall Square describes circulation moving in an increasing concentrated way to the Charles River.  It’s a pattern with historic roots rich with interpretive possibilities in connecting Kendall Square today.

Congratulations to the TEAM RICHARD BURCK including:

Richard Burck Associates, Inc.
Space Syntax LTD
Berkeley Investments, Inc.
Charles River Watershed Association
Samiotes Consultants, Inc.
Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates, Inc.
Barbara Goldstein & Associates
Site Master, Inc.
Pine & Swallow Environmental Services
Tree Specialists, Inc.

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