Reliance Foundry develops custom bollard for Halifax Stanfield Airport

Opened by Canada’s Department of Transport in 1960, the Halifax Stanfield International Airport (formerly the Halifax International Airport) stands as Atlantic Canada’s principal full-service airport, providing both cargo clients and passengers access to 28 non-stop destinations and flights via thirteen different airlines.

Seeing over four-million passengers and nearly 35,000 metric tonnes of cargo in 2019, the Halifax Stanfield also stands as Canada’s 6th largest airport.

In 2017, to ensure the safety of their passengers while arriving or departing and provide a distinct visual barrier between road and pedestrian areas, the Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA) joined forces with Reliance Foundry, a metal-casting firm with nearly a century of experience, to secure the physical infrastructure and enhance airport security.

Although the HIAA had initially contacted Reliance Foundry to seek a similar product to one they had drawn up, the two decided on the creation of the custom R-7341 Stainless Steel Bollard Cover to perfectly suit the airport’s needs.

Combining functional prowess with style, the R-7341 is crafted from corrosion-resistant grade 316 stainless steel, offering protection for security posts and crash-rated bollards as large as 10-3/4 inches wide and 30 inches tall while fitting beautifully into modern infrastructure. Shipped standard with a satin #6 buffed finish, this bollard is also offered with a powder coated finish and optional reflective stripe.

Using set screws to install, these bollard covers were sleeved over concrete posts along the curb of Bell Boulevard (a road running alongside the terminal), which provides drive-up access to arrival and departure areas, in front of airport tunnels and around the parade.

“I think we really have to consider the society we live in today,” said Theresa Rath Spicer, spokesperson for the Halifax Stanfield Airport, to CBC News. “Unfortunately, we’re all too well aware of violent acts that are done intentionally. Of course, there’s also things that happen accidentally […] so we’re really trying to enhance the security measures for the best interests of everyone.”

Installation of the concrete posts began in March 2018, alongside the addition of shatter-proof glass to windows and additional security cameras being placed around the vicinity, and the project was completed soon after.

Images Credit: Courtesy of Reliance Foundry

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