Rehwaldt LA forms a space with distinctive local identity


A new open space has been designed between the river Neisse and the inner city which uses landscape and urban elements. A spaciously laid out „window“ had been opened to the river, a new path network, the „Tuchbahnen“ (spreads of fabric), is connecting the site with the adjacent quarters.


At the same time the design has adopted historical aspects of the former industrial usage to form a space with distinctive local identity. The topic of textile production refers not only to the former use but is also an important aspect of Goerlitz as city of clothiers.


The „Tuchpark“ is planned to initiate the long-term transformation process of the former fabric industrial area into a lively cultural district.



“Tuchpark“(Fabric Park)  | Goerlitz, Germany | Rehwaldt LA

Landscape designRehwaldt LA, Dresden

Photographer | Rehwaldt LA, Dresden

Client| City of Goerlitz, Agency of Urban Planning

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