Red Earth Heritage Park | Nanchang, China | SHUISHI

Winner of a Merit Award in the 2020 WLA Awards for the Built – Large category

The Red Earth Heritage Park is located in the southern part of An Yi County, Nanchang, covering an area of ​​about 16 hectares and 30 kilometers from the main city. The park is a landscape park featuring red desert landscape composed of Quaternary reticulated red clay. The site is home to a large masson pine forest and other plant communities.

The site has a very unique red land and vegetation features, but it is extremely fragile and vulnerable. Based on the analysis of the current vegetation, vertical and runoff, the overall design idea starts from the three dimensions of ecology, society and aesthetics, with surface repair, linear series and point promotion as design strategies for red soil conservation, soil and water conservation and The forest phase is repaired, and the three-low principle is clearly defined: low intervention, low cost and low maintenance.

The project integrates the earth landscape, natural experience, ecological restoration, popular science cognition, and leisure and relaxation. The project has three entrances and exits, and twelve different scenic spots, where people can explore and understand the beauty of natural transformation. In order to protect this rare geological site and form a heritage park, it is open to the public to make it play the role of geological science and nature education. The design promotes education and participation, integrates culture and natural environment, pays attention to the harmonious coexistence of life and land, and reflects the three-dimensional value system of ecology, aesthetics and society.

Red Earth Heritage Park
绿地安南小镇红土遗址公园 | 水石设计

Landscape Architect | SHUISHI 水石设计


Photo credits | RIYE & HUARUI

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