Recovery Of The Piedras River Historic Aqueduct And Meander Masterplan

The main objective of this project is to define the directives of the projects that should be realized in order to recover the Piedras River Historic Aqueduct and its surroundings by analyzing the main urban and ecological systems.

The structure of this Master Plan follows a three-scale approach that handles the mentioned analysis. The first is the territorial scale; the second, the district; and the third, the meander.

Territorial Scale:
The promotion of the Piedras River Aqueduct and the related natural systems ought to be a critical factor in the realization of the green corridor. The combination of green space and fluvial space reserves in a physical continuum, a green corridor overarching the Piedras River-Nuevo Puerto Canal and the Loíza River, is a strategy to protect fauna and flora biodiversity on the island.

District scale:
We propose to study in detail the articulation of various ‘urban gateways towards the natural space of the New Millennium Urban Forest at several key points of its perimeter as well as a bypass road to prevent that the urbanization encroaches into this green space that requires protection. Though its use, the park will be protected by becoming part of civic urban consciousness. Since the transversal connectivity between the city and the river is conceivable at this scale,
the Piedras River Aqueduct would be the first ‘urban gateway’ to this green heart with a ‘window to the river’.

Meander scale:
Therefore, this space can be an urban gateway to the Botanical Garden and the New Millennium Forest, which would make up a central park with the potential to unite surrounding districts, strengthening urban relationships and improving pedestrian and slow mobility connections. In addition, this space will strengthen, while balancing, both the presence if its great historic value and its environmental role. With these objectives in mind, the following strategic interventions are set out:

  • Restore hydraulic infrastructure and historic buildings
  • Strengthen the protection of the hillock to reduce the frequency of flooding
  • Showcase flood dynamics of the Piedras river with fluvial beaches
  • Accommodate uses and program supporting educational, residential, research and exhibition activities

Recovery Of The Piedras River Historic Aqueduct And Meander Masterplan

Location | San Juan De Puerto Rico, United States

Built Area | 38 Ha

Developer | Para La Naturaleza Inc.

Design Firm | aldayjover

Team Members
Iñaki Alday, Margarita Jover, Autor Architects; Jesús Arcos, Coordinator Architect.
Francisco Mesonero, Landscape Architect And Agricultural Engineer.

Historic Preservation; Jorge Rigau FAIA, Arquitectos PSC Hydraulics Engineers;
Torres-Rosa Consulting Engineers Inc.;
Aníbal Sepulveda, Historiographer;
SBDA (Rendering)

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