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Ragunan Zoo has a land area of 140-hectare and is one of the largest preserved green parks in Jakarta city. In 2019, the city administration held a Zoo Revitalization Master Plan Design Competition. SIURA in collaboration with Studio Sae was selected as 1st winner with the theme Ragunan Bio Park “Island of Nature” with eco-centric design approach.

When our earth is facing climate change, biodiversity loss, and deforestation, Ragunan Bio Park will become a nature sanctuary to learn about ecology and biodiversity. Our design proposal focuses on the existing wildlife’s wellbeing by creating bio-climatic habitats as exhibit zones. The existing building, road and water is revitalised with environmental sustainability approach. Ragunan Bio Park is conceived as Island of Nature consist of six zones which accommodates Indonesia’s vast biodiversity and natural habitat. Two new public spaces are created for educational and recreational purpose created within the bio park as Forest Veranda and Eco-lake Waterfront. The existing retention lake is naturalised and cleansed with constructed wetland. The existing wildlife exhibits are revitalised by grouping the animal based on their bio-climatic zones at Life in Wetland and Grassland, Life in Forest Canopy, Life in Forest Floor and Our Planet. The zoning strategy make a clear way finding circulation and manage crowd control where people enter and exit through the same gate. The existing sedimentation lake is enhanced with terraced wetland to clean water and activate the waterfront. Each wildlife exhibit in these zones are designed with landscape immersion which creates naturalistic wildlife environment that gives visitors the sense of being in the wildlife’s habitats.

When revitalised, Ragunan Bio Park could be a new biodiverse destination where ecological and wildlife conservation flourish in the dense Jakarta metropolitan city. A visit to Ragunan bio-park will weave people, wildlife, and the natural world together in a seamless journey experience at one ‘’Island of Nature’’. 

Ragunan Bio Park – Island of Nature

Project Year: 2019

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Client: Jakarta Park and Forest Department.

Urban & Landscape Planning : SIURA

Collaborators: Studio Sae (Architects), Marsenia Haris (Wildlife Conservation), Adryan Wicaksono (Graphic Design), Ari Kismono (Business Planner); Adhitya Ridwan Yulianto (Environmental Specialist), Faela Sufa (Transport Specialist), Aegipix (Visualisation)

Images: SIURA + Studio Sae

Animation Video Link: https://www.siurastudio.com/ragunan-bio-park

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