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Paseo Santa Lucia is an Urban Project in Monterrey, Mexico with an approximate length of 2.5 Km. This project was developed with the purpose of generating more public spaces that would bring society together. With the help of a very big team of engineers, architects and our design firm this project was developed in 2 stages.

paseo sta lucia

The idea of a “River Walk” is the key idea that dominated the inspiration throughout the extensive perimeter. Shops, snack shacks, typical Mexican restaurants, business and apartment buildings, open areas for different activities and all kinds of exhibitions; not to mention that it connects one of the city´s most important parks, “Parque Fundidora” (which was also another project that we participated in) All the way to downtown where the Governmental Palace and the History Museum are located; also known as “Macro Plaza”. Precisely there, at the history museum is where the project “Plaza 400 Años” took place (also a proyect of ours). It was made as a memorial and in celebration of the 400 year anniversary since the amazing industrial city of Monterrey was founded. This is where the River ends.

If you take a walk through “Paseo Santa Lucia” you´ll find a big variety of fountains and different water features, boats that give tours along the river, bridges and of course, we tried to add as much vegetation and green spaces as possible. Taking a walk during the night is also a different experience, because the colorful lighting was all strategically planned for it to bring out the beauty of every corner.



We receive thousands of tourist who come to experience the richness of our culture and with the big variety of events that are held, along the river, at the plazas and open spaces that is has to offer, all year round; it makes it possible, for any person who comes, to leave with memories.



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