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The new Paque de la Ciudad [literally Park of the City] will be that meeting place, but with a new urban look, designed for its inhabitants and putting in value the environmental quality of the territory, making it a new Ecological Park.

It is located in the South zone between Av. Fernández de la Cruz and Av. Roca, and along with the 130 hectares Indo-American Park and the new Olympic Park (Ex Parque Roca) of 46 ha. making up the second largest public green lung of the City of Buenos Aires.

On the other hand, the Census of the urban forest of the City from 1990-2000 shows that 70% of the trees were in sidewalks, 15% in plazas and 15% in parks. Values that change in the 2001-2011 Census, with 88% of trees in sidewalks, 6% in plazas and 6% in parks. This figure indicates that, due to the lack of maintenance and the increasing meteorological inclemencies and the absence of planting of new species, the number of trees in parks has decreased.

That is why the project maintains 100% of the existing vegetation, and at the same time proposes a replanting of 20,000 new specimens, all of them native.

The Park System in the South Area consists of: the Roca Park, which has a recent and important sports infrastructure, the Indo-American Park, with its immense area of 130 ha. and its varied playground spaces, in which Buenos Aires Playa stands out with its sports areas and in the center, the Parque de la Ciudad that will have a perimeter ring of neighborhood-scale squares and inside an environmental restoration of a unique tree reserve in the city of Buenos Aires.

This space system, mainly green, allows the minimum construction of square meters of non-absorbent pavements, providing the use of its perimeter squares not only to the nearby neighbors of the park but also to a large number of residents of the Commune 8 and the Metropolitan Area.

We believe, that taking advantage of the existing infrastructure is an opportunity to accomplish providing specific character to each park and the central space occupied by the Parque de la Ciudad is the heart of this system.

Understanding that the Parque de la Ciudad will be a key piece in the green spaces of metropolitan scale of the city and that at the same time it is necessary to give answers to the needs of both, existing neighbors and the new ones that will occupy the future Olympic Villa, we designed a succession of squares of neighborhood scale in which we propose a series of interventions, possible to be constructed in different and successive management units that satisfy this double character, metropolitan and neighborhood of the Park of the City. In this way we propose two large subsystems that make up the park and a piece that unites and articulates the three parks:

  • THE RING continuous subsystem of squares with programs of neighborhood scale and that make of transition between the plot and the park
  • THE WOOD a subsystem of natural green spaces of metropolitan scale that allows to enter in an exuberant nature
  • THE HALO allows crossing the Park of the City and is the link that unifies and connects the Olympic Park with the Indo-American Park

Client | Coorporación del Sur
Location | Villa Soldati, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Site Area | 50.000 m2 / 538.195 sqft
Built Area | 50.000 m2 / 538.195 sqft
Project | 2017

Authors | Oliverio Najmias & Marcelo D’Andrea
Collaborators | Nayla Budziñski, Florencia Cariddi, Lucia Cuello, Sofía Gonzalez Chans, Josefina Gorodo, Lucía Griotti, Juan Levermann, Candelaria Mercau, Marina Puiggari, Juana Shilton, Matías Spina, Sofia Rusca


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