Oriental Mountain Residence in Knowledge City | Guangzhou, China

Located in the mountain and forest, Oriental Mountain Residence features an elegant and inherent tranquility atmosphere, allowing people to live harmoniously with the mountain and water.


Being a sanctuary for souls, Mountain Residence, located in Maofeng Mountain and sitting by the Liusha River and the Phoenix Lake, is a low-density residential project by JTL and Yuexiu Property.

Entering along the Liusha River, you can feel the tranquility and order of the space that is quite different from the chaotic urban road outside. Here, grass and trees are luxuriant and well-spaced, water is cool and clear, and bluestones cover the path, all telling the story about hidden luxury and simple beauty.


From outside to inside, from bottom to top, the stone steps lead people into a world far from the hustle and bustle of city life. With stacked blocks, simple lines, and extended conception, the designer intervened in a restrained way, trying to keep the tranquility and freedom of the space.

Stepping close to nature, you can see the trickle and the gurgling cascade, the luxuriant trees and meadow, the shadow and the clear water. Changes of lines, surfaces, and blocks allow you to explore the Mountain Residence through all five senses.

Oriental Mountain Residence, as a spiritual carrier beyond the material, features elegant space structure, shape, and form, light and shadow, atmosphere, as well as materials and textures, which contribute to a simple and comfortable lifestyle.


Pure space and flowing time dialogue with the surrounding environment; water gurgles serve as a foil to the peace of mind; hard stone contrasts with the flexible water. Walking around the Mountain Residence allows you to experience the penetration of nature.

The transition of space echoes the mountainous landscape, arousing the subtle experience of all five senses. It seems that you are in the scene described in Wang Wei’s poem “Autumn Evening in the Mountains”: After fresh rain in the bare mountains; autumn permeates the evening air. Among pin-trees, bright moonbeams peer; over crystal stones flows water clear.


As Tao Yuanming described in his poem “Returning to Dwell in Gardens and Fields I”, my youth felt no comfort in common things; by my nature, I clung to the mountains and hills. Mountain dwelling has been a spiritual home for literati for thousands of years. In response to the bewildering complexity, the designer established a sense of order, allowing people to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in the forest green, and natural wood.

The olive trees help establish a spiritual connection, and the scarce mountain resources arouse feelings about seclusion. Various space forms and natural materials, and colors create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Sitting against the mountain background, the ethereal water yard, which features natural and oriental beauty, allows people to find their spiritual home and experience quality of life.

Every tree and grass, every screen and wall echoes the pulse of ecology, relying on which you can find seclusion and peace of mind. Landscapes in the courtyard outline the memory of mountains; natural stones and warm colors highlight the beauty of the oriental style.


Living close to nature, with clouds surrounding, breeze blowing, and egrets flying in the sky, you can relax physically and mentally and find spiritual satisfaction and peace of mind.

When walking through Oriental Mountain Residence, there are occasions when you look up, a mountain view comes into sight, and the egrets fly against the blue sky. Sitting in the tea room provides a wonderful view of the mountain peak. Secluded in the mountains and living by water, experiencing changes of four seasons, you will find the time with the mountain is never enough.

Surrounded by incomparable mountain views and fresh air, 311 mountain residences are built naturally according to the terrain, allowing residents to enjoy beautiful plants, light and shadow, and chirps of birds through hundreds of windows.

Ideally located at the foot of the Maofeng Mountain and near the Liusha River and the Phoenix Lake, Mountain Residence boasts a plot ratio lower than 1.5. It marks a new style of mountain life and witnesses the power of the product by Yuexiu Property.

Secluded in the low-density mountain dwellings, enjoying an elegant holiday life, you will become a native to nature.

Oriental Mountain Residence in Knowledge City

Location: Beside Phoenix Lake, Knowledge City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China.

Landscape Architecture: JTL Studio
Chief Designer: Liu Zhan
Design team: She Sijun, Pax Ju, Wang Bin, Zhang Wen, Zhu Jianya, Chu Lingwei, Wu Dan, Shi Yabin

Developer Client: Yuexiu United
Developer Landscape design management team: Zhao Yangyang, Ling Xiayan, Lu Dexing

Photography: Prism Image
Text Credit: JTL Studio

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