OMGEVING sees the first part of Mechelen’s Vestenpark completed

In Mechelen (Belgium), the redevelopment of the Hendrik Speecqvest park has recently been completed. The redevelopment is the first realisation of the Vestenpark, based on the concept for which OMGEVING and Mint were commissioned by AWV in 2012. In the future, the Vestenpark between the two directions of the ring road of Mechelen will embrace a large part of the city centre of Mechelen. The green public space not only restores the balance between circulation and accommodation but will also reduce the urban heat island effect and maximise the recuperation of rainwater.

The reconstruction of the Hendrik Speecqvest park was accelerated by the realisation of the underground public car park Mechelen Bruul, with 352 parking spaces. Half of the first phase of the Vestenpark was realised above this underground construction of which the entrances or exits are located in the park. The ingenious construction of the basement car park, in which, among other things, level -1 was realised first and afterwards level -2, also made it possible to plant large trees. As a result, the park does not have the look and feel of a roof garden.

Inspired by former cityscape
The Vestenpark refers to the cityscape of Mechelen at the end of the 19th century, just after the dampening of the city canal. New transverse links, connected to a functional path for cyclists and pedestrians, ensure an easy flow between the various functions and walking routes to and from the park.

The plant borders consist of a combination of mixed ‘perennials’ and shrubs planted in groups. In spring, different types of daffodils, crocuses and ornamental onions provide an attractive and colourful greenscape. The trees are a mix of several species of solitary trees and groups of multi-stemmed trees, including magnolias and dogwood, which also flower in spring.

Speecqvest park

Location | Mechelen, Belgium
Client | City of Mechelen


Design Areas | public roof park, infrastructure and drainage works, park design
Tasks | design, technical detailing, site supervision
Budget | € 2,580,000 excl vat
Partnership | D+A Consult

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