OMA & AREP finalists for Skolkovo – Russia’s Silicon Valley

Skolkovo Urban Design Concept by OMA

On January 20, the two finalist companies, AREP (France) and OMA (the Netherlands) made detailed presentations of their proposed urban development concepts and highlighted the key benefits of their respective projects.

In particular, a company representative of AREP, Étienne Tricaud, stressed that the main idea of their project – was the creation of an “urban village”. “Yes, this may sound like a paradox. But we like this idea, because it could well become a model for sustainable urban development of the 21st century. This city would be a place where a person can live close to other people, so communications are easier, thus contacts are easier to make and information is quickly shared. A person would have all the conditions needed to work, explore, and invent. At the same time nature is close by, and everyone lives harmoniously. That is actually living and working right next to nature.”

The representative of OMA,Reinier de Graaf, said: ”OMA’s urban proposal for Skolkovo Innovation Centre is a flexible framework within which other architects are given the opportunity to design and execute individual buildings, plots, and spaces. But it is precisely the integration of these ideas that will add value to our plan. As such, we are looking forward to all forms of collaboration, both with International as well as Russian colleagues.”

Skolkovo Urban Design Concept by AREP (Image from i-gorod)


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