OKRA’s Mini Holland proposals presented for public consultation

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OKRA, in collaboration with Buro Happold, SWA and Tomato, have been selected as design team to transform the station area of Kingston, London. The regeneration of the station area is part of the Mini Holland project. A project to promote cycling, integrate cycling into public space and provide better facilities throughout London. The aim is to realise an integrated station node that provides a smooth transition between modes of transport for people coming to and from the station. These weeks a vacant shop in Kingston is turned into an exhibition space and open for public consultation.

Mini Holland-5-130_Kingston_Masterplan_A1_1000

OKRA’s proposal aims to connect various urban areas: the centre of Kingston, the station area and the riverfront. In the new plans for development, it is sought to express the history and character of Kingston in a contemporary way, emphasising the historical significance of Kingston, where seven kings were coronated. The main objective is to create a city centre link and a river link. The city link will be a generous connection running from the station to the centre, which caters for a better access between the two areas. The connection between the station and the Thames, the river link, will be made by means of a linear park perpendicular to the river. At the point where the river park and Thames meet will be a green area that represents waiting for the changing of the tides. In the long term an upgrade between the train station and bus station, alongside better access for the northern side of the neighbourhood will be provided.

Mini Holland-15-130_linear-park-section-1

It is the intension that by the end of the year the preparatory work for the implementation of the first phase will have already started so that construction can begin in late January. The first phase will ensure that the first links in the network are realised, a prelude to a coherent public space, which provides a clear pedestrian and cycling network.

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Mini Holland-15-130_Link-to-Kingston-Bridge

Mini Holland-15-130_Station-Square

Mini Holland-15-130_River-link

Mini Holland

Design Firm | OKRA, in collaboration with Buro Happold, SWA and Tomato,


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