North of 60 | Toronto Canada | Shift Landscape Architecture


The arctic landscape is a wild environment in both reality and imagination. It is a place of lore and legend for the multiple cultures, which extend into its reaches, including Canada.





Many often mistake the arctic as mundane and unimportant to the more southern reaches of the country. The reality is that Canada’s arctic supports a huge number of animals, is replete with a variety of textures, forms & atmospheres, and has a rich history of inhabitation and exploration. North of 60 uses abstractions of these elements to create a designed space, which will introduce visitors to a variety of forms and bold garden architecture along with shapes and textures not often encountered in southern Canadian gardens. North of 60 celebrates the arctic and calls attention to its importance as a place, while challenging the conventional notion of what a garden need be.




North of 60 | Toronto Canada | Shift Landscape Architecture

Shift Landscape Architecture – Mike Barker
Contractor  – Forestell Designed Landscapes
Engineer – Tacoma Engineers
Location: Canada Blooms 2014 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Image Credits – Jeff McNeill Photography
Text Credits – Shift Landscape Architecture – Mike Barker




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