Nordufer Zwenkauer See Design Competition | Leipzig Germany | labor4plus

Intensive use and urban consolidation will be selectively concentrated and embedded as holiday villages into the successively developed countryside. This will be implemented in accordance with a continuous landscape and based on the history and structure of the surrounding area before the opencast mining. The density and size of the village structures decrease from the Western “harbour village” to the eastward located “hermit huts”. Each village offers a different recreational quality depending on where it is situated.





The development of the villages and camp-site will proceed via the road along the Northern forest edge. The lake path connected to the circular path attaches the development area to the region with the opportunity to explore the surroundings by foot or bike. Small picnic areas invite to rest and to enjoy the beautiful view onto the lake landscape. An “adventure path“ leads along the lake shore and collaborates well with the multitude of spacial and scenic features.




Landscape concept

The model for the naturalization of the Northern shore of the Zwenkau Lake is guided by the expected potential natural vegetation. Tree species such as oak and hornbeam in combination with pioneer tree species will predominantly be used. The first initial plantings will be made in the areas of the villages of the camp-site and the waterfront path in order to structure and to timely embed the leisure areas into the surrounding landscape. To the South a connected succession area will be left to the natural repopulation without any larger interference measures.

A soft form of tourism with as little interference into nature as possible through concerted intervention is the focus of the planning.


Northern Shore Lake Zwenkau Design Competition | Leipzig Germany | labor4plus

1st place at the competition “Nordufer Zwenkauer See”
Images and Text Credit | labor4plus

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