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Sailing Club is located on Nha Trang Beach, right at the heart of tourism area of Nha Trang City, one of the tourist attractive cities in Vietnam due to the nice long beach and dramatic sunrise at dawn. The restaurant is owned by our client, an Australian owner, who started this place since it was a backpacker bar in 1994 until, nowadays, become a fabulous and most famous bar and restaurant in town. Sailing club, until then, had developed its own well-known signature of tropical, rustic and luxurious beach bar and restaurant.


As the area keep developing, Land Sculptor Studio were given the job to upgrade, to refresh the site to be more modern and trendy and, as well, to solve the current problems of the club. Sailing club is mainly composed of 2 areas which are a beachside area and an inner garden courtyard area. Because of only approximately 30m of the club is facing to the beach which is the most attractive to customers who come to beach, the garden courtyard was sadly ignored. This had become a major problem for our client as they were loosing revenue because customers weren’t using the garden courtyard which occupies a large area of the beachside area. The problem became our design brief and encouraged our design enthusiasm. The design was focused creating a garden that would by enticing to customers. Starting with the main entrance with another problem that some of customers did not try to enter to the club through the main entrance but from the motorbike parking area because a lot of tourists travel by motorbike and the main entrance was not attractive enough, so we decided to remove the pathway to the club from the parking area to force customers to enter the club from main entrance only which also makes the entrance crowded and looks more attractive to people who passing by. The existing coconut trees helped us to create a long vista from the entrance to the club. We realigned the entrance to become major axis and created a central water feature in the courtyard that was visible from the road and entrance which drew the eye from the entrance towards the sea.




Our first design element was in the garden courtyard was a reflecting pool. We did not try to compete with the beach but to add another attraction, to create a different mood and atmosphere. We proposed a reflecting pool to make the club look modern during the day and at night to be more colorful and an exciting place to relax, catch up and enjoy being with other people.



We re-purposed an existing structures into a modern and beach-like cabana with an outdoor mini bar and dining area with a dramatic waved wooden feature wall as backdrop to screen the administration zone. We added large lounge and cabanas for families and groups on the opposite side of the pool. The main purpose was also to make people feel very comfortable and want to lie there all day and night, so we include different spaces; some cabanas have beds and others feature sofas and lounges. The main courtyard space was designed to be as simple as possible, but rich in detail. We tried to keep the signature mood of sailing club and, at the same time, refresh it to be modern and contemporary, by designing the pavement, roofed structures, cabanas, furniture selection and waved feature walls and other elements by the combination of rustic mood of stone and tropical mood of plantation and wood.



Nha Trang Sailing Club | Nha Trang City Vietnam | Land Sculptor Studio

Design Company | Land Sculptor Studio Co., Ltd and Kaze Ltd
Designer | Bolt Mahitti Wongruchatanun / Fong Chan Zeuthen
Area | 2,400Sq.M (renovated area 1,200Sq.M)
Design time | January 2011 – March 2011
Complete time | December 2011

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