Muendungspark | Cologne-Worringen Germany | Dirk Melzer

A new small park in the City of Cologne has been built by the German landscape architect Dirk Melzer in autumn 2012.

It is situated at the old harbour of the River Rhine in the urban quarter Worringen. As the district has a long tradition in brick architecture and many brick buildings are nearby, Melzer decided to work with bricks and the colour of that material. He also wanted to create the private atmosphere of a living room in public. Therefore he searched for “props of cosiness” he could use in the park. So he designed a carpet, a couch, two armchairs and three big floor lamps especially for that place.

All objects were pre-fabricated in workshops. The furniture extends to a weight of about 2 metric tons. By this they can resist the high-water flood of the Rhine.

Muendungspark | Cologne-Worringen Germany | Dirk Melzer

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