Morphis wins International Design Competition for Kai Tak River, Hong Kong


On the 8th January, Mr Paul Chan, Secretary for Development for Hong Kong, announced that out of 90 entries, the competition attracted more than 90 entries from Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas. The Jury Panel of the Competition found that most of the entries could accommodate both the overall setting of the river and the peripheral development while the winning entries made use of simple and innovative design ideas to optimise space for public activities. Morphis won the international design competition for Kai Tak River with their The ‘Living Roots’ design concept.




In the quest of design excellence, a design ideas competition titled “Design Ideas Competition for Kai Tak River.Kai Tak Development” was held to meet the public aspiration for the collection of design ideas and concepts from a wider spectrum of participants.


The Competition Area

  • Planned open space along Kai Tak River at Kai Tak City Centre, extending from Road D1 to Road D2;
  • Planned harbourfront promenade at the estuary of Kai Tak River;
  • Proposed curvilinear landscaped elevated walkway linking the Trade and Industry Tower and the site zoned Other Specified Uses (OU) for “Arts and Performance Related Uses”;
  • Potential pedestrian cyclist subways
  • Proposed trail linking KTD and the potential Water Feature Park at Diamond Hill Comprehensive Development Area (DHCDA) site.

Mr Paul Chan, said, “The Government conducted a public consultation exercise on the development of the Kai Tak Nullah in 2010 and 2011. The views collected indicated strong public support for turning the nullah into an attractive green river corridor through urban areas, providing space for leisure and public activities while improving the drainage capacity in East Kowloon. In response to public aspirations, we renamed the nullah as the Kai Tak River and are transforming it into a river corridor in urban areas with unique urban landscape features for public activities, creating an important brand for the Kai Tak Development Area.”


Mark Blackwell of Morphis, said, “We are delighted to win this exciting competition for one of the most significant regeneration projects in Hong Kong that will simultaneously transform and unite Kai Tak City. It will be a spectacular riverfront landscape, rooted in the culture of Hong Kong’s diverse community to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.”

Mark adds, “The ‘Living Roots’ design concept is Banyan tree inspired, symbolic of the urban jungle growing coherently in time and space, celebrating the local heritage and spirit.”

A roving exhibition of all the entries will be held as follows:

January 17 to 21 | 11am to 8pm at Energizing Kowloon East Office, 122 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong

January 24 to 28 | 10am to 8pm at Kowloon City Plaza, 128 Carpenter Road, Kowloon City

February 22 to 25 | 10am to 8pm | Lok Fu Plaza, 198 Junction Road, Wang Tau Hom

The list of winners and details of the exhibition are available at the competition website


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