Morphis creates residential landscape inspired by the lotus

Morphis were approached by TATA Housing to create a spectacular residential landscape, rooted in the culture of India’s community to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for a new development in Haryana. The Lotus vision represents long life and good fortune – symbolic of purity and spiritual nature with unfolding petals suggesting an expansion of the soul.

The brief was to create a distinctive identity inspired by the uniqueness of ‘place’ to differentiate the TATA brand against other nearby residential developments. In addition, the design should create a high quality and safe residential environment, inherently bringing long term value to the investment, and an open space platform to promote civic pride and enhance the sense of belonging.


A landscape framed by buildings where all lines of movement flow together, Lotus Park will become a living sensorium, a place full of fun and discovery, a place for special events. A contemporary, yet locally inspired lifestyle experience, celebrating a series of garden rooms as a seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces. Rich and happy memories will be created on the Great Lawn, play areas and demonstration gardens where edible gardens form part of the ‘field to fork’ approach to enhance local production and traceability.




Children and adults alike will play freely and creatively, getting lost in games and imagination; flexible and agile spaces were developed to use at different times of the day as well as to celebrate seasonal and cultural festivities.



The Central Asian-Indian Flyway covers a large continental area of Eurasia between the Arctic Ocean and the Indian Ocean and the associated island chains which have been celebrated across the site with a series of ‘Habitat Hotels’ create nesting sites for birds, as well as an interpretive learning resource for residents, as part of the migratory corridors through India.


Both bird and insect attractor native plant species will be enriched with a learning program, activated by scanning the tags with resident’s smart phones – adding a digital, invisible layer that can evolve through the seasons and beyond.


Lotus Park | Haryana, India | Morphis
Client | TATA Housing
Design Firm | Morphis
Image + Text Credits | Morphis

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