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In the middle of the crowded city, everyone needs a place that can relax and feel the atmosphere of nature. Mori Haus tried to connect feelings and atmosphere of nature back to the urban city again.


“Valley” is the main concept in garden area design. The building that surrounds the garden area work as a mountain with trees that are growing in various places.

The garden area is surrounded by a small hill from in curved shape as a stepping planter. A variety of plants are used to create a sense of nature and privacy in the garden area. Garden area includes the 25-meter long natural shaped pool as “lagoon” in the middle of the valley. The swimming pool includes a 25-meter long lap pool, a Jacuzzi pool, a children’s pool, and a fountain. This pool has a light that mimics the “Firefly” that is often seen in nature at night.

There are special seating area features that create “Unique Sitting Experience” to the user, such as Mesh seat over the pool, Swings, Large Lounge Chair, and Seats under the pavilion.

Another highlight if this garden is the variety of plants that mimic wilderness in nature. It is a “Secret Forest” that have waterfront plants, ferns, fragrant flowers, natural meadows.


Mori Haus

Client | Sansiri PLC
Category | Residential
Location | Bangkok , Thailand
Design Period | 2015-2017
Completion Year | 2017
Site Area | 7,630.2 sqm
Collaborators | Somdoon Architect
Photographer | Wison Tungthhunya

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