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Six years of sedimentary sediments, everything began to renew, The Mixc will bring a new interpretation of the quality of life in nantong.

The Mixc is located in the core zone of the Nantong North Street commercial district. As the first largest commercial project of China Resources Land in Nantong, it has received much attention since its preparation. We had the honor to participate in the extremely important part of the project design — landscape design, and experienced the whole process from concept plan to construction design and construction guidance.

Wanxiang Zhi Dao plaza

As the main square where the pedestrians may arrive, the square carries the functional attributes of the basic route-guide and the creation of the commercial atmosphere. It includes two important nodes, the tree array square and the sunken square. It is a exciting and colorful space in day and night.

Commercial Street

It is the main drop-off area and the main commercial street. We focus on the creation of commercial atmosphere. The combination of the characteristic light belt , the green belt and the linear paving, which has a strong visual sense.

Wanxiang Zhi Sen plaza

As the gathering point of the main commercial office crowd, it is also the most distinctive space of the whole project. In order to show its unique characteristics to the greatest extent, the landscape team has planned a space with staying function in a highly mobile place after considering various factors such as investment promotion, transportation and so on. The stepped wooden platform and planter are perfectly integrated, providing a place for people to rest and entertain while ensuring the passage of people. When a large-scale event is held in the center of the square, it is the viewing stand with the best perspective.

Municipal greenbelt

The vegetated volumes and the circuit path that connects them enhance the welcoming entry approach and provide dynamic experiences for commercial activities.  

In the conceptual design stage, the safe egress , 16 meters long and 7 meters wide is the difficulty in the design. How to minimize the impact of such a large number of structures on architecture and landscape has become one of the most important issues. After more than ten rounds of proposals of different forms, the plan of three-dimensional wall greening was finally selected. Considering the cost factors, we selected simulated greening and punched steel plate as the main elements, and divided the plane by straight lines and broken lines, breaking the huge sense of volume and skillfully transforming the unfavorable factors into landmark structures with eye-catching effect in the site.

Considering the relationship between the entrance and the municipal green belt, we have also made many attempts.

Landscape design is a very interactive and experienced space, which encourages visitors to come into contact with its material design. The ground paving materials echo the layout of the project, using several forms of granite in black, white and gray, combined with a small amount of wood paving.

Project name: The Mixc Nantong
Architect’ Firm: the waterlily studio
Website: http://www.waterlilystudio.cn/
Contact e-mail: [email protected]
Lead Architects: TSEHOU HSRAO
Project location: Wuxi, China
Completion Year: 2018.08
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 50000㎡
Photo credits: Chiu Chienyuan; Hsiao Tsehou
Photographer’s website: none
Other participants
(eg. collaborators, clients, consultants, etc):
Client: China Resources Land
Consultants: Wang yi, Gao wei, Jia jing
Design team: Hsiao Tsehou; Chiu Chienyuan; Ren Xuexue; Zhou Kehan;
Ji Xiang design; Cai Yingying;
Videos (youtube or vimeo links):None

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