Masterplan for Post-Olympic development of Sochi

MAXWAN + MASA architects with TPO Reserve are awarded the 1st prize for an International competition for the development of the post-Olympic development of the Imeretinskaya lowland “IMERETINKA 2.0″
IMERETINKA 2.0 is the next generation of vibrant and sustainable resort-city. Beyond just being a resort for a temporary stay, in Imeretinka 2.0 people live their lives turning it into a complete city. Imeretinka 2.0 offers both permanent residence and temporary visitors, iconic architecture and human-scaled buildings, preserved nature and modern green public spaces, spectacular urban boulevards and cozy alleys, occasional festive events and spaces for daily activities.

IMERETINKA 2.0 consists of 6 main principles;
Being “walkable” is one of the main criteria to become a top resort city. Current road network does not provide intimate street walk due to its oversized dimension. “The Loop” with its compact street profile provides intimate and active walking and cycling with shops and cafes along, and it also connects all neighbourhoods and main facilities of Imeretinka 2.0.

Nature optimises its value both in recreationally and ecologically when it becomes a part of a larger ecological network. Currently fragmented three large green spaces are connected by a new green promenade and a greenification of existing canal. It encourages migration of insects, birds, reptiles, and mammals. And it becomes a recreational linkage for pedestrian and cyclists.

Strong and clear urban structure is vital for making resilient and long-lasting town planning. There are two main axes laid out in Imeretinka 2.0 and each starts at the station “Olympic Village” and ends up in clear destinations – Marina and sports venues. And each axis magnetizes business and education facilities in proximity to the station.

A diverse character of neighbourhoods makes the city vibrant and liveable. Newly introduced six neighbourhoods of Imeretinka 2.0 are created complementary to existing four neighbourhoods of Imeretinsky to be a coherent city. Building typologies of each neighbourhood optimize its gifted landscape context and sceneries.

 Underground parking is never a preferable method not only due to its high costs giving a development pressure but also its negative environmental impacts. Especially considering high flood risk of the Imereti Lowlands, it is natural to seek alternative parking solutions to minimize the number of underground parking. Imeretinka 2.0 provides a variety of smart parking solutions.

Given roads of Imeretinka 2.0 are yet dominated by tarmac and over-dimensioned to deserve a resort town character. Estimated future traffic flow of the area allows greenification and compacting road profiles. To minimize the conversion costs of these rather recently constructed roads, preservation of major elements of the roads such as the position of curb stones and underground pipes is recommendable.

Masterplan for a post-Olympic development to create a new vibrant resort city in Sochi along the Black Sea

Location | Sochi, Russia
Client | Basic Element Group – Development & Real Estate – Imeretinkaya Rivyera
Program | Apartments, Housing, Bussiness office, Kindergarden, School, Public space
Total floor area | 1 840 000 m²

MAXWAN + MASA architects with TPO Reserve
Partner in charge | Hiroki Matsuura
Team leader | Artur Borejszo, Valentina Chiappa Nunez
Team | Aleksander Hrib, Gabriella Georgakaki, Giulia Bacci, Luca Tiozzo, Rachele Ferrari, Allesio Busato
Collaborators | MASA architects, TPO Reserve, Projectontwikkeling Pegasus, Witteveen+Bos Civil Engineer Consultants, Peter Brogt Verkeersadvies

Awards | 1st prize

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