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Marsh Lane is within the Lea Valley and sits in the flood plain of the river Lea and Dagenham Brook.


The brief for this project is to upgrade existing sports facilities and create a renewed sense of the ecology and landscape of the marsh. A renewed football pitch, multi sports games area and a pavilion with changing facilities are the groundwork for a new park with play, sport and leisure activities at the heart of a revitalised landscape.  Sustainability and enhanced ecology were integrated into all areas of the project.  Measures included SUDS planting within the carpark area, improved habitats for diversifying the ecology through wildflower meadows and photovoltaic roof panels on the new pavilion. The wooden gates, natural wooden benches and other furniture create a link through to the less urban riverside areas that are adjacent to the park.



New play areas for a wide age range will be created on the flood plain on islands, using the concept that when the plain is flooded these play spaces would become real islands for a brief exciting time. An exciting natural playground is created for the younger age group through use of tree trunks, a wavy line of posts, ropewalks and nets.



One play area is for older children and includes an adventurous play area that is based on exploring ecology. This play area is designed as a series of metal uprights and timber decks stretched between them and will form the framework of the play area. This bespoke play area will be built on site, using an adjacent depot allowing local young people to be involved in the construction of it.


The exciting part of the project for local young people will be the post construction fixing of reclaimed material and rope to make a customised environment for play which will be an ongoing dynamic process.




Marsh Lane | London UK | Kinnear Landscape Architects

Landscape Architect and lead consultant | Kinnear Landscape Architects Limited


Client | London Borough of Waltham Forest

Budget for two sites | £2m

Architect |  mae

Engineer |  Stockley

Year completed | 2013

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