MANDAWORKS joint winners of Hlemmur Square design competition

A colourful mix. Inspired by the Food Hall, the mix of existing program, new program and cultural artefacts combine into a colourful spatial cocktail. Mandaworks

MANDAWORKS is now officially announced winners of the open international competition organized by the Municipality of Reykjavik for the Hlemmur Square in Reykjavik, Iceland. The Jury awarded
the proposal, ’Lively Hlemmur’ with a shared first prize.

Modern urban square. Year-round program activates the square through a variety of functions and activities, creating an inclusive public space for all. Mandaworks

Hlemmur Square is located in the centre of Rekjavik, at the eastern end of the city’s main commercial street. While loaded with historical significance as a gateway into the city centre, the area goes now through a complete transformation with the opening of Hlemmur Food Hall, and the restructuring of the local traffic system.

‘Lively Hlemmur’ looks for ways in which the new square can build on and strengthen the qualities of the existing public space. Taking inspiration from the Food Hall, we propose a collection of sheltered, programmed rooms in combination with open shared spaces that form a complimentary indoor and outdoor public meeting point.

An accessible destination within the city The proposal gives people a reason to stay in the area while enhancing existing qualities and becoming a vibrant destination point. Mandaworks

‘Lively Hlemmur’ introduces energy, playfulness, and identity to an important public space, and invites Reykjavikers to come together, enjoy each others company and maximise public life in all conditions!

A welcoming entrance Sheltered, bright, and always connected, the new bus terminal provides a welcoming first contact with the square. Mandaworks

Assignment Client Size Office Invited International Competition – Shared 1st Prize Urban Design and City Planning Reykjavik Municipality 2 Hectares MANDAWORKS

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