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Longfor Mansion Demonstration Area is located at the Sanjiangkou of Cangshan, Fuzhou, looking across from Fuzhou’s new landmark in the north called Strait Art and Culture Center. Liangcuo Ancient Village in Fuzhou Historical and Cultural District to the northwest will be marked with Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, and become a new cultural heritage and memory point of Fuzhou. Under the intersection of culture and art, tradition and modernity, it is endowed with a special sense of mission connecting the past with the future.

As we all know, Fuzhou is a famous historical city, the scenery is picturesque, and also gave birth to many celebrities. Through the ages, the elegant scholar-official spirit has been retained in this beautiful ancient city. To live in a poetic garden is the constant pursuit of celebrities and elegant scholars, as well as the deep longing of every Fuzhou people. Garden is the embodiment of the ideal life in the minds of Fuzhou people.

Therefore, we explore the possibility of a high degree of integration between traditional Chinese gardens and modern social life, hoping to design a natural landscape garden that conforms to modern aesthetics while losing the charm of traditional gardens. Respect the history, bring forth the new, so that the traditional garden culture in Fuzhou to shine a different luster. To strengthen the cultural characteristics of the site itself, to realize the beautiful expectation of looking forward to the future hand in hand with history, and to erect a new benchmark for the surrounding communities.

In the project, we used high walls to create an introverted exhibition space, which made the project more elegant , and avoided the interference of the surrounding messy environment on the base. Through careful design, we hope to create a comfortable internal environment and bring people an immersive garden journey. After an in-depth study of the spatial layout of the Humble Administrator’s Garden, we extracted its spatial order, combined with the actual situation of the site, and described the homing order between mountains and waters to bring a rich spatial experience. In this case, in the process of discussing the characteristics of garden space and the use of space, the continuation of Fuzhou’s texture and context, with a modern approach, the traditional garden space for a new interpretation. Relying on the history and facing the future, the Oriental aesthetics returns to the delicate and warm life itself.

Longfor Mansion Demonstration Area

Design Firm: ANTAO

Leader: Qinghe Jiao

Team: Jie Chen, Mengling Wang, Huazhi Fang, Chen Chen, Huizhen Tang, Xuefei Jiang, Qingqiu Lin, Lanlan Bao, Shijun Fang, Peipei Lian, Yuhang Pan

Project location:Sanjiangkou of Cangshan, Fuzhou, Fujian

Gross Built Area:3960m2

Photo credits:Chenbi Photography Studio

Clients:Fuzhou Campany of Longfor Group

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