London’s East Village receives planning approval for final phase

The London Legacy Corporation (LLDC) has unanimously approved plans, submitted by Get Living in partnership with landscape architects Grant Associates and architects Howells and TP Bennett, for three applications in London’s East Village.

Get Living, the UK’s leading developer of build-to-rent neighbourhoods, is set to deliver a combination of 848 rental homes and 504 student homes in Stratford’s East Village – all bolstered by a reimagined public realm. Once developed, these buildings will complete the original masterplan for the former Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, now home to over 6,500 people and 25 acres of public realm, designed with both residents and the wider community in mind.

The project’s vision looks to further enhance East Village, which has become a destination in its own right since its establishment in 2013. The plans will create a new identity for the area with a multi-layered, biodiverse landscape embracing the idea of being “Greeted by Green”.

Victory Park and Belvedere public realm, collectively spanning almost 25,000 sqm, accommodated athletes and officials during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and will now be creatively redeveloped into an imaginative and bold design that goes beyond a utilitarian public realm.

This approach weaves together elements of beauty, effortlessly blending nature and artifice to give rise to a captivating collection of ambiences, atmospheres, and multifunctional spaces, all driven by a strong ecological narrative.”

Unanimously approved by LLDC as part of the same plans is N18/19, the plans represent the development of the last remaining plots in East Village and perhaps the most important because of its location next to the DLR and its strong relationship to Victory Park and Celebration Avenue.

The 0.7 hectares triangular plot sits at a strategic location within the overall East Village Masterplan. It has the potential of unlocking an area enhancing the connectivity while providing a new character to the public realm. Users will be greeted by a lush and cascading landscape; the proposal will also boost biodiversity by maximising softscape areas. The planting strategy, which proposes a rich and varied planting palette attracting wildlife, will also have a sensorial effect on humans making visible the seasonal changes, reflecting the time in a natural way, and setting changing ambiences.

0.26 hectare plot N16 is the final plan to be approved by LLDC within the sizeable scheme. Sitting towards the centre of East Village and located on the eastern side of Celebration Avenue, the public realm will look to be responsive to these important pedestrian routes while delivering a fascinating design that is both aspirational and with a sense of beauty ingrained in nature.

Informed by biophilic design principles, the new public realm looks to increase people’s connection with nature in the city but with a playful touch, taking cues from fashion and creating a bold landscape. The concept seeks to marry calmness and togetherness, nature and fashion, boldness with sensitivity, all in an attempt to deliver a unique design for users.

Text and Image Credits: Grant Associates

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