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Located 60km from Guangzhou CBD the Left Village Quarry Park is a unique post-industrial project of regional significance. The site contains both a remnant granite mine and a centuries-old farm village. Taking this into consideration the project rejuvenates the abandoned quarry and existing farming villages for future agro-tourism, recreation and environmental rehabilitation. New planned programs include;  eco camping, nature trails, wetland park, sports and recreation park, multifunctional events lawn and visitors centres. Selected abandoned buildings in the town centre will be re-purposed for accommodation and visitor faculties, whilst the existing village community will enjoy access to a rejuvenated town center with new infrastructure upgrades, jobs and business opportunities.

The design uses the granite mining process as a conceptual driver, using on-site granite as the primary material and retaining large site boulders left behind from mining. The use of this strategy takes on       4 main design principles crush/pile, cut/slice, stack/step and adapt/ reuse.

The project is made up of three stages, each with a unique experience;

Stage 01: Explore…The Quarry
The first project stage will transform the disused granite quarry into a post-industrial parkland, recreation and events destination.

Visitors are greeted by a ‘rockfall’ landscape with an information centre, cafe-restaurant, adventure play space, rock garden and wetland. A concealed journey along a dramatic land-cut leads into the main quarry pit, opening up to an events/camping lawn and amphitheatre space. A corkscrew stair and lift inspired by mining infrastructure ascend the cliffs to a lookout café perched over the quarry void. Here, visitors are guided along with a selection of nature trails and cliff-edge walks.

Stage 02: Play…In the fields
Located between the quarry and the village, is vast farmland allowing for agrotourism activities such as sustainable farming tours, cycling trails, horse-riding and camping.

Stage 03: Stay…In tranquillity
The final stage of the project involves the long-term adaptation of existing village buildings and public spaces to preserve authentic cultural experiences and existing communities.  Here visitors can walk through the terraced orchards, relax at a spa, eat local produce overlooking the farms. Agriculture in this zone will remain productive while existing residences are retained to ensure the ongoing presence and involvement of the local villagers. Architecture across all three stages prioritises adaptive re-use and will recycle on-site materials.

Overall, the masterplan creates a unique post-industrial and authentic farm stay experience, whilst enhancing the lives of the local community and environment.

Left Village Quarry Park

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Project Size: 217801m2
Year: 2020
Client: Guangdong Dongsheng Industrial Group
Lead Consultant: GVL Gossamer
Design Team Nicola Balch, Jack Qian, Alex Breedon, Yaxin Zhao, Qilu Zhang

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