Landscape Forms Celebrates 33 Design Awards & Recognitions in 2022

Landscape Forms celebrates another highly-awarded year in 2022, receiving 33 design awards and recognitions from leading industry organizations and publications. 

Product design awards from 2022 span the company’s extensive offering, honoring excellence, innovation and outstanding sustainability efforts in the design of outdoor lighting, site furnishings and adaptable structure. Rising through the rigorous selection processes, three new products especially captured the imaginations of industry-leading juries in 2022: The Profile lighting family, Take-Out connected seating, and Backdrop modular outdoor structure. 

Profile Lighting - Landscape Forms
Profile Lighting – Landscape Forms

Topping the lighting design category in 2022 was the Profile lighting family designed in collaboration with renowned lighting designer Linnaea Tillett and Tillett Lighting Design Associates. In Profile, one product family—composed of an area light, accent light, column light, and trio of bollards—appropriately lights an array of spaces, from large, open areas and narrow pathways to landscape beds and building entrances. “Our goal was to design an elegant, highly functional and versatile outdoor lighting system,” describes Linnaea Tillett, PhD, CEO of Tillett Lighting Design Associates. “Aesthetically, it had to sit well in a variety of designed environments. It also had to be modular so it could be tailored to the needs of a variety of contexts and scales. Equally important to us, given our commitment to ecologically sensitive design, is that the luminaries put light exactly and only where needed without glare or spill. We are proud that both the area light and the performance bollard are International Dark Sky-Approved.”

On collaborating with Landscape Forms, Tillett continues, “The collaboration with Landscape Forms and their sophisticated engineering team has been particularly gratifying. They made an extraordinary effort to translate our performance goals and aesthetic criteria into a beautiful and, we believe, one-of-a-kind lighting system. We’re thrilled and honored that our vision and Landscape Forms’ engineering has been so widely recognized and by such prestigious institutions,” the designer says. 

Take-Out – Landscape Forms

Leading in outdoor seating in 2022 was Take-Out designed by Rodrigo Torres. Take-Out expands on the connected seating concept with simplified lines and improved versatility. Light enough to be picked up, arranged and rearranged, Take-Out opens up new ways for people to connect in outdoor spaces. “The initial idea was to create a collection of connected seating that invited people to enjoy public outdoor spaces as a ritual in their daily lives,” describes designer Rodrigo Torres. “My approach was to use the minimum amount of shapes to achieve the maximum effect—a structure that is robust in its construction, flexible in its function, fluid in its simplicity and playful in its attitude.”

Describing the experience working with Landscape Forms, Torres adds, “When a company such as Landscape Forms gives you a challenging and exiting project such as this, it’s very rewarding to see that all our efforts were awarded with such positive feedback from the press, the design awards and mainly from our customers,” says the designer. “It’s also very rewarding to work with a company that understands the key role of design, a brand that keeps amazing the public with fresh, bold and beautiful collections year after year.”

Backdrop – Landscape Forms

Building on the success of Upfit, Landscape Forms again joined forces with KEM STUDIO in 2022 to introduce another innovative, modular outdoor structure solution. Backdrop, an adaptable system of modular panels, posts and accessories, was met with great acclaim in 2022. Engineered for virtually endless layouts, functionality, and degree of enclosure, Backdrop is designed to activate underutilized areas with purpose and meaning, encourage creativity, and easily adapt to unique site opportunities. “We’re honored and thrilled to continue our collaboration with Landscape Forms, creating product lines that connect people with engaging outdoor spaces,” says Jonathon Kemnitzer, IDSA, co-founder and principal of KEM STUDIO. “Backdrop has a way of making unique outdoor space easy. We’re excited that the initial response and the recognition from the design awards competitions shares that philosophy of making space better outside, so people can better enjoy the outdoors. We’re excited that people see the value in engaging the outdoors, and we believe Backdrop plays a big part in creating these destinations that uniquely make life better,” Kemnitzer says.  

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