What is a landscape architect’s salary? Have you ever wonder what do landscape architect’s earn?
Often a salary or base pay is only one component of employment there are other forms of compensation and incentives including paid leave (holiday, sick, maternity, parental, carer, etc), flexible hours, professional memberships, conferences, training and many other benefits. When negotiating your salary it is best to understand the base salary, benefits, employer expectations and the culture of the company.

Salaries of Landscape Architect’s ranges from country to country and dependent on education and maturity of the landscape design industry.

In the USA the 2015 median pay for landscape architects is $USD63,810 per year according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics.
The starting salary for undergraduates is $USD44,000 and for graduates is $USD50,000 according to the 2015 Survey of Graduating Students commissioned by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

United Kingdom
According to the Landscape Institute survey in 2014, the common salary for chartered members is between £30,000 and £49,999, while licentiates earn from £20,000 – 29,999.
51.1% of the members working in the public sector and Male landscape professionals are more likely to earn higher salaries than female landscape professionals.

The CSLA AAPC undertook a survey in December 2015 and found that the salary ranges from province to province. However, the median cash compensation (base salary not including benefits) was as follows:

Landscape Intern                        $50,961
Landscape Architect                   $82,529
Senior Landscape Architect      $90,851
Associate                                       $83,336
Principal                                       $111,592
Partner                                          $111,747
*figures in CAD

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects held a salary survey in 2015 and found the following salary (base salary + superannuation of 9.5%)

Under 1 year experience   $54,507
1-4 years experience          $59,793
5-9 years experience         $74,672
10-14 years experience     $92,847
15-19 years experience     $110,500
over 20 years exp              $124,887
* figures in AUD

There was no survey found for Singapore but from reviewing the recent job ads we found the following:

Graduate                                     $35,000-50,000
Landscape Architect                 $45,000-65,000
Senior Landscape Architect    $60,000-90,000
Director                                       $90,000-150,000
*figures in SGD
The large variance is due to education, experience and organisation (Private, Government)

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