Kit of Parks is a portable kit of parts to build a park


Kit of Parks is a portable kit of parts to build a park. Constructed out of low-cost, lightweight material, Kit of Parks is designed to be on the move to serve under-programmed public spaces.  It can be biked anywhere and upacked in less than 10 minutes. Kit of Parks provides an instant boost of color, fun, and community gathering.

Go-Pro stop action video of construction


The first Kit of Parks was constructed on a CNC router at Sasaki Associates’ FabLab for the Boston Society of Landscape Architects (BSLA). It contains a high top table, benches, side tables, stools, games, planters—all easily contained within a 4’x8’, 125lb bike trailer for easy transport. Kit of Parks made its debut as the BSLA expo booth at 2015 ABX in Boston, MA and has been set up at the Innovation and Design Building in Boston and the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House in Cambridge, MA. Where should Kit of Parks park next? Let us know @KitofParks and #KitOfParks




Kit of Parks

Contributors | Nina Chase, Philip Dugdale

Location | Boston, MA

Budget | $2,200

Image Credits |
Ben Gebo
Matthew Reese


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