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Kinsway International is the first project of Vanke Group in Jiangmen city, aiming to create a sense of urban temperature. Located in the core area of Pengjiang District, it is a scenario-experienced commercial block to meet the higher spiritual and cultural needs of consumers. The optimization and improvement of the urban interface and the high-quality services of Vanke properties have contributed to the demonstration of the industry-city integration in the downtown area.

Connection, interaction and integration across multiple boundaries

Vanke Group and GND Landscape have worked together to break the physical boundary between landscape, architecture and urban space in design of Jiangmen Vanke Kinsway International Exhibition Area. The design takes advantages of the natural and cultural landscape resources, and responds to these boundaries, so as to display and convey the vitality of the city, forming an active neighborhood atmosphere and bringing the ideal city to a new level.

City TheaterContinue the historical context and enrich the quality connotation of the city.

At the beginning, we have searched the memories and historical changes of this land, through investigation and survey on the city and history and discussion with the local community. There are two ancient trees which have witnessed the changes of the land.

In the memory, there were many interesting stories happened under the big tree in the village entrance. Villagers were gossiping together, and friends were playing chess or Tai-Chi, while children were also having lots of fun under the tree.

The landscape designer has carried on these beautiful memories in the site, allowing residents to find a sense of belonging and happiness.

The design of the city theater is developed around old trees, constructing a corridor bridge suspended in the air, which is attached to the outdoor platform of the original building to form a walkway connecting up and down. The multi-directional flow in the space enhances the degree of freedom and openness, making the space more innovative and visually captivating.

The children’s playground and the water-featured interactive installation are set up under the big tree to create an immersive experience for residents with interesting parent-child interactions.

The amusement facilities full of mystery and fantasy of the outer space create a sense of surreal breakthrough, with the merge and collision of the cosmic starry sky scene and the century-old tree, which is a metaphor for the technology and the future, the inheritance and rebirth.

Kinsway International

Landscape Architect: GND Landscape

Chief Designer: Qiu Ge, Zhong Yongcheng, Li Bing

Concept design: Luo Feng, Zhou Jiang, Liu Yun, Ye Xuerui, Gong Haoze, Yuan Dongyang, Yan Xingxing, Zuo Chaohui, Pan Xiao, Huang Hong, Lai Guilong, Chen Minfan, Zhang Huiyi, Long Fengjiao, Hou Yanyu

Construction drawing design: Dai Jianli, Lin Guanxi, Ou Xuexia, Li Yanhuan, Wang Quanxiang, Liu Yubin, Liu Jinsha, Yang Youqiang, Hu Zhenhong

Plant design: Luo Chuyi, Liu Qin

Hydroelectric design: Zhou Peng, Hu Mingyao

Client: Vanke Jiangmen

Project Photography: Boqisi Photography

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