karres en brands designs new entrance for Bio Science Park


The Municipality of Leiden is improving accessibility of the city in general and of the Bio Science Park in particular. In order to fully utilize the development potential of the Bio Science Park a new access road should be realized from the Plesman Avenue which also improves the traffic flow of the Plesman Avenue itself.


The ambition is to transform the Plesman Avenue into coherent Park Avenue with rows of trees, green verges and accompanying water features. The new Park Avenue runs from the A44 highway to the city center of Leiden. Through consistent placement of trees, making a green median and verges and exposed roadways a clear and coherent profile will be created.


The Urban Park Avenue will become an attractive and representative route from the A44 highway to the center of the city. It is the facade of the new Bio Science Park buildings and existing residential and commercial areas. The Plesman Avenue will become a recognizable and appealing entrance of Leiden city. Tree placement along the Plesman Avenue and Hague Schouw Road consists of a rhythm of alternating rows of trees along the roadways which will be applied on the total Plesman Avenue.



The design of the overpasses are an integral part of the plan. The green median of Plesman Avenue continues into the tunnel. The atmosphere and look of the Park Avenue is not limited to the ground level only but also into the tunnel. This creates a broad underpass which keep maintains a view on the adjacent trees as free as possible. The span of the bridge deck is free of columns which results into a spacious, light and high quality underpass. The walls of the tunnel are placed at a slight angle visibility of the surroundings is increased and as much daylight as possible is allowed.



Bio Science Park Entrance | Leiden, the Netherlands | karres en brands

Assignment design of new entrance Bio Science
Program overpass, widening of a ring road section, two underpasses for pedestrians and cyclists
Area 13 hectares
Design 2013 – 2014
Construction 2014 – 2016
Client Municipality of Leiden
Budget € 25 Mio
Team Sylvia Karres, Bart Brands, Jeroen van Kesteren, Darius Reznek, Joost de Natris
In collaboration with Heijmans Integrale Projecten, ipv Delft, DTV consultants

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