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Interweaving and integration is the theme of Jingkai Central Park. This design proposes a new development method for parks that strengthens the mutual relationship between humans, nature, and society multi-dimensionally. The goal of the design is to bridge real-estate and construction, and living. As the first phase of the overall master plan, the central park initiates a rehearsal for the variegated communal lives of the involved neighborhood. In addition, it provides a win-win scenario for both landscape preservation and real-estate development. As an experiment, the proposed landscape design aims to establish a new strategy of garden city design China’s developing cities in China.

Jingkai Central Park locates at the heart of Nanchang’s Economic and Technological Development District, north of the city center. The park serves as a transit hub for the city’s Changbei National Airport, the International Wharf, and Ganjiang New District. Therefore, as the pivot point for the practical and cultural lives in Nanchang, the park represents the identity of the city. Jingkai Central Park is the keystone of the Garden City of Nanchang, which planned urban development with “a green space every 300 meters and a garden every 500 meters”. This will combine architectural and urban construction together.

Nanchang Jingkai Central Park is a centralized park in an area of massive building development, which strengthens the spatial importance of urban green spaces. Earthwork integration, transportation plan, commercial and real-estate development can happen at the same pace and with the growth of a community demographically and environmentally. Through several landscape designing strategies, the park fulfills the needs of various stakeholders and proposes a new adaptive organizational system. As a result, Jingkai Central Park realizes this dream of a “Garden City” with scientific, ecological principles and high-quality environmental products.

Jingkai Central Park

Location Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China
Landscape Architect Landscape design: Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., LTD
Landscape construction: Hubei Royal Garden Co., Ltd.
Architecture design: The Coast Palisade Consulting Group(THE C.P.C. GROUP)
Conceptual Image Credits Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., LTD (S.P.I )
Photography: PRISM Architectural Photography, S.P.I Landscape Group

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