In House Garden | SHUISHI

Starting from a “forest in the city”, we use the concept of “forest magic square” to feel the invisible nature. We sketch, describe, and describe on this lawn, and finally form a land art landscape with rational cell boxes as the main body. Fully respect the natural conditions of the site and use the design thinking of integration of architecture and landscape to transform the urban corners into individual public spaces.

The space is continuously developed in a logical and organic way, and at the same time, the spatial state of the system is created and extended with a grid structure and rational thinking. The architectural grid elements and introduce three-dimensional geometric figures. In the site, the scattered tallow trees highlight the harmonious symbiosis between people, plants and the site.

Art can also think in a rational, logical, and sustainable way. The landscape continues the 4.2Mx4.2M grid modules in the building block, reorganizes and structure them, and extends the spatial system. The total construction period of the project is 35 days, and the prefabrication technology is introduced into the sales office to achieve high-value and high-quality presentation on the basis of maximum cost control.

In House Garden | SHUISHI

Landscape Archittect: SHUISHI

Client : Gemdale Group

Photographer credits: Hu Yijie

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